2012 was a big year with lots of first:

  1. My first single’s mixer organized by my roommate’s friend’s then girlfriend now fiancee. No, having the crowd be “curated” did not make it less awkward.
  2. My first double extraction, bottom wisdom teeth, and honestly the first time I had a not-loose tooth taken out. Also, relatedly, the first time I ever put pasta in the blender (did you know that most mushy food is sweet? Found that out the hard way!)
  3. My first time as a full-time employee graduated from the rotational program I’ve been part of since working full-time. What this means is no more moving on a set schedule: 2013 may be the first year in 7 that I’m not putting things in boxes. We’ll see if that’s true on 31 December 2013!
  4. My first expensive restaurant in NYC. Le Cirque was nice but…I guess fancy restaurants just aren’t for me. My bank account breathes a giant sigh of relief.
  5. My first parent of a friend’s funeral, which I followed with a night out in NYC for another friend’s birthday. Somehow that seemed to be the most appropriate action to take.
  6. My first teammate retiring, a month after I started (technically I was her replacement), followed not long after by my first manager leaving the company (to go back to his previous employer). I’ve had managers be promoted and leave me, or switch roles internally, but never an external departure. And then there was my first teammate turned manager, which is hierarchically bizarre but works out really, really well.
  7. My first time in Denver! Including my first writing class post-college that helped me remember what it was like to write.
  8. My first mud/adventure race, which turned out to be a 5K with very little running.
  9. My first time skydiving! Possibly my only, we’ll see.
  10. My first Color Run, which happened just as they were tearing down the track due to a bridge closing and everyone in the car, save me, having no more than 3 hours of sleep a person.
  11. My first Indian engagement party, South Indian style.
  12. My first church service, Episcopalian with my friend George at the pulpit, the following day and a weekend’s worth of cultural education.
  13. My first time to a bunch of Caribbean islands and on a weeklong family cruise. My feelings on cruising are still ambivalent, but the experience was enjoyable.
  14. My first time visiting Chelsea Markets, a somewhat affordably priced foodie paradise in NYC.
  15. My first time biking in NYC, not nearly as bad as I’d thought! Of course, I was up town and in Central Park for most of it. Bike messengers and delivery person continue to have my utmost respect.
  16. My first successful tomato growing, and harvesting.
  17. My first time biking 25 miles in the beautiful Poconos as well!
  18. My first time interviewing people in October (interns, but still!) after completing training in June.
  19. My first time spicing a pie crust, definitely something to repeat!
  20. My first trip to Storm King and that type of outdoor sculpture garden/adult playground. Definitely memorable!
  21. My first wedding as a +1 (backup because the girlfriend was busy) and the beginning of what will doubtless be a long and glorious career as an amazing +1. I’m a lot of fun, bring me (but tell me what to wear, please)!
  22. My first Amtrack train ride, a direct result of the interviews (see #18).
  23. My first taste of what crazy D1 college football can be like when I went to the Penn State-Ohio game. They’re tailgate was larger than the football stadium, and “overwhelming” is an understatement. It was also my first time at State College, which is another surreal bubble world experience.
  24. My first week off of work due to a hurricane, or “superstorm” as they’ve since downgraded Sandy.
  25. My first beerfest at Fegley’s Brewery in Pennsylvania.
  26. My first karaoke bar experience (yes, I’ve avoided them for a long time) which turned out to be surprisingly fun. Turns out it really IS all about the company!
  27. My first time working on a TEDx event, actually, I did two in 2012 and helped write some documentation for others to do it as well.

  28. My first time at the famous Nuyorican slam, which turned out to be a bit disappointing. An open slam is like an open mic, you don’t know who will step on stage and what will be performed. Some pieces were good, some were not; some were to my taste, and others left me feeling very cold and uncomfortable inside with their anger.
  29. My first Guggenheim holiday party, which was really more of a chance to catch up with the inviting friend than an actual chance to network with the art world.
  30. My first successful snickerdoodles because the key is using fresh cream of tartar, not stuff that’s been in the cabinet since before you were born.

Additional highlights of the year include:

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